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Adopt your RealAnimals

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The Organizations

The World's best come together

Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS

Taiwan SPCA

Taiwan SPCA

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

card image
Korea Animal Rights Advocates

Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA)

Jakarta Animal Aid

Jakarta Animal Aid

Animal Rights Center Japan

Animal Rights Center Japan (ARCJ)

Collect an NFT. Adopt a Real Animal!

Truly adopt & protect a real animal when you collect RealAnimals NFT.

Frequently Asked Questions

What?? It's very simple.
Beautiful art + save animals.

Whitelist mint: Started & Ongoing!
Public mint: TheDate
Hurry! Get on the waitlist and stay updated on our Discord & Twitter.
Mint NFT. Adopt Real Animal in 3-5 days. Wait for reveal. (Find out more)

With your NFT, login on the RealAnimals.org website, and see the real animal you have saved/adopted! You can even name it & read its rescue story!

Receive more features as they unlock over time. We plan to release another 3 series of RealAnimals NFT with other worldwide organizations.

Get premium artwork with a unique cause & utility. And and and.. there will be physical giveaways!

Finally, watch as proceeds flow directly to the organizations, the animals, and follow up on the animal-saving events that take place!
Other than collecting a valuable, beautifully-handdrawn and 100% unique NFT artpiece, you get to be involved with saving a Real Animal! World's first in crypto/NFT history.

This is unlike collecting other animal NFTs and their images, now you have a real animal to watch as it is saved, adopted and taken care of! Follow its story as the "rescuer" and "sponsor"!

And if you own an AGENT1 NFT, you are automatically whitelisted, get additional benefits, bonus tokens, affected polymorphs and MAYBE your Real Animal will make an appearance in their Metaverse Game!
A whole lot, like an ELEPHANT lot!

Every mint proceeds, goes directly to the Animal Organizations involved. Each organization receives 10% of the proceeds, which totals up to 60% (since we have 6 partnering organizations).

35% is split between the development team, marketing & promotion, artist and the remaining
5% goes directly to a charity pool for the *victims (and animal groups) affected by the Ukraine-Russia war!

* - Civilian, humanitarian aid and animal groups only. (Non-combat or government bodies)
Because.. Why not! It's unique, scarce, beautiful! It's fun, and even supports animals & the people who care!

We aim to unite animal lovers through Web3 and support charities from around the world who work tirelessly to help animals each day. Just read our stories, and ask us on Discord, you'll see!

REAL ANIMALS: ASIA-PACIFIC (RA:AP) will be the prelude to 3 other series supporting charities in the relative regions (REAL ANIMALS: AFRICA, REAL ANIMALS: AMERICAS, REAL ANIMALS: EU).

With everyone’s support, we can do this and affect the world.

Remember, animals cannot speak for themselves!
Our NFTs are optimized to use the least gas and processing, therefore as little impact on the environment as possible.

While there are studies that suggest crypto is bad for environment, good news is, all current crypto mechanism are focused on reducing electricity usage. Those that do not, are being frowned upon.

Like all new technologies, including radios, tvs, internet, Wi-Fi and cars - they all started environmental-unfriendly , but ultimately, they all work towards being more environmentally friendly. So is the case for crypto , and definitely the case when we design our NFT project.

Going into the space of NFT is reaching out to another group of crowd, not just to raise funds for our cause, but also to raise awareness for more people in the world.

Our goal and purpose is pure and clear, while taking our utmost care to minimize any possible negative impacts to the environment we have worked our whole lives to protect.

Rest assure, this will be a constant battle, but a good one!